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The Best Hands Can Make for Your Eyes.

No Compromises from the Very Beginning.

Some inventions are preceded by curiosity. But most of the time, it is dissatisfaction with what exists that prompts scientists, engineers, and designers to break the mold and do something new.

The year 2004 began with the vision to design  timelessly modern eyewear. It should be made of the highest quality materials, show perfect workmanship, and be allowed to carry the label "Handmade in Germany".

That was how the young company Meyer Eyewear began – and with it a new era of eyewear design. Since the company was founded, Meyer Eyewear has been made exclusively and carefully by hand in order to ensure that it meets even the highest quality expectations. The frames are made of 100% pure titanium, beta-titanium, and cellulose acetate. Depending on the collection of the ideal material is used. A newly developed, screwless hinge ensures that the folding mechanism always stays firm.

»If you don't like being the center of attention, better choose another brand.«

Thomas Meyer

Meyer Eyewear places special emphasis on exclusive surface finishes for its titanium. An elaborate PVD (physical vapor deposition) process is used, in which titanium is condensed on the surface. This results in hardened layers of various colors such as black, berry and mocha. Colors like mauve, aurora, indigo, spearmint, and more are achieved by anodizing the titanium. Different voltages are used to produce titanium oxide layers of varying thickness on the surface. These layers act as interference filters which filter parts of the visible spectrum out, so that different colors of the rainbow arise.

Both methods provide colors that are biocompatible, and unlike conventional paints will not peel off even under the harshest conditions.

Meyer titanium eyewear at a glance:

  • handmade for one-of-a-kind perfection?
  • exclusive, timeless design
  • 100% pure titanium and beta titanium
  • 40% lighter than stainless steel
  • biocompatible
  • PVD coating and anodizing
  • extremely resistant to corrosion